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bruce singing the clansman makes it worth it - 81%

ironasinmaiden, December 24th, 2002

How many live albums does Maiden need? I guess one can never have enough Maiden, but 4 albums seems a bit excessive... As far as live albums go, Rock in Rio falls firmly in the "eh" category, not being too good or too bad. Just eh.

The good... The rio crowd is loud as hell, and there's not much more moving than 50,000 metalheads screaming "666! THE NUMBER OF THE BEAST!" Dickinson is the air raid siren and was in top form the night this was recorded, barely missing a note (the exception being Wrathchild). As mentioned in the review title, Bruce singing the Clansman is stunning, amazing, cataclysmic, hell, even orgasmic. It just don't get much better than that folks, and if you had any doubt as to whether the Clansman was a godly song, get ready to throw em out the window.

The bad.... The mix is muddy as hell... i dunno if this can be attributed to the open air nature of the Rio or the crowd or what... but when I put it on in my brother's car an incessant buzz cut through alot of the instruments and put a damper on our listening experience. Another thing is the way those 3 guitars are mixed. It used to be Adrian on one channel, Dave on the other. With a 3rd guitar to deal with, sometimes things get messy.

If you're a maiden fanboy like me, get it. If you are a n00b, go for Live After Death and be merry.