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Best Live Maiden Album Since Live After Death - 95%

Symphony_Of_Terror, February 8th, 2003

This album is simply amazing, Maiden dominates and conquers every song they play on this live album. Bruce's singing on this is at its best, the triple guitar attack, Janick Gers, Dave Murray, and Adrian Smith allow for all the studio complexity to be played live. Stave Harris is flawless as usual, his base seems to blow through everything and make its presence, but not overshawdow the rest of the band. Nicko Mcbrian dominates on drums, the fills are amazing, working well with the bass. The whole band is playing so well to gether on this album, all at the same spead, its amazing.
A few of the tracks witch stand out are Iron Maiden, Brace New World, The Whicker Man, Run To The Hills, and Fear Of The Dark. On Rock in Rio Maiden preforms the second best version of the song Iron Maiden, only to be surpassed by the live Iron Maiden from Live After Death. When that opening riff from Iron Maiden hits you it sends goosebumps down your spine, then it comes back again, and again!
Bruce blows everything away on Brave New world with his vocals. His sings with such intensity, as well as the rest of the band backing him up with intense playing.
Fear of the Dark is deliciously evil sounding on this album. What makes it even better is the audiance singing and humming along. The intensity on this track of Rock In Rio can not be matched by any of the other tracks, defiantly the best live version of Fear Of The Dark.
Rock in Rio holds the best live version of Run to the Hills ever. The catchy opening riff, followed by powerful vocals by bruce and that unforgetable chorus. This will give you all the engery you need after listening to it.
Another great thing about this album is the audiance, they work so well with the songs, not interfearing at all. Its great.
The only negative thing about this album is that Iron Maiden should have chosen so better tracks. They have nothing off No Prayer For The Dying, Mother Russia would have been nice to hear live. Maiden did to much from the Blaze years, they should have only done one of his songs. They only did one track off of Seventh Son of a Seventh Son, they should have at least done Infinite Dreams. If they did a few of these tracks the album would be much better. The actualy preformance is great though.