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A Solid Single - Best From Dance Of Death - 72%

Steve1984, April 4th, 2004

This song contains all of the qualities of a classic Maiden song. A very catchy main riff, fast paced with a good rhythm and intriguing lyrics on an interesting topic which make you want to sing along. If you're a Maiden fan this definitely belongs in your collection, I would also reccomend it to anybody wishing to get in to this band as it is as good a place as any to begin.

Comparing this to their previous single release this is much, much better. Wildest Dreams is a decent album track but not worthy of being a single in my opinion and not a good indication of the albums content in general.

My only real disappointment is the b-sides, which like the wildest dreams single sound liked they were cobbled together, because they were needed. Sure Dance of Death (Track 2) is a great song, but who wants to hear a version only very slightly different to the one on the album? Track 3, More Tea Vicar is good novelty value, but again it’s a case of listen to it once and forget it. I don’t understand this as Maiden surely has hundreds of live tracks worthy of inclusion. If you can, pick up a copy of the DVD version. This has good versions of classic songs The Wicker Man and Children of the Damned.