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What? Nothing rare? - 5%

morbert, February 25th, 2010

I could do two things here. Either I start talking about the brilliance of these two songs or I could start bashing the band for releasing nothing new. I’ve decided to do both but give points based on the latter.

I personally think Purgatory is actually the best song from Killers. No other song on the album has this amount of speed, energy and catchiness all put together into one song. And whereas the earlier ‘Transylvania’ on their debut was already great, ‘Genghis Khan’ is yet another instrumental masterpiece on which there is more room this time for Clive Burr to excel. So if I were to talk only about the songs here, this single is simply mind blowing and would've gotten 99 points from me.

However. Releasing two regular album tracks over 4 months after the album makes me frown. Of course it’s always nice to have yet another Derek Riggs painting so only for real Maiden collectors it would be worth tracking down an original copy. But for all other people, just get Killers and leave this for what it is.