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Solid album, but lacking near the end - 78%

Larsixo, February 29th, 2008

Don't get me wrong, like most other metalheads, I find a lot of Maiden's output essential. However, Piece of Mind falls rather short when compared to Killers, or Seventh Son of a Seventh Son.

The album starts on a rather high note with Where Eagles Dare, with the epic-sounding drum intro, and the guitars that kick in a few seconds later, giving off the same epic feeling. Bruce's vocals are alright, but nothing too special. A typical, melodic, harmonized solo that we've come to expect from this band comes in. Revelations slows things down a bit, and kinda drags on, but it's not a bad track by any means.

However, after this, we have an incredibly solid trio of metal classics: Flight of Icarus gives us the typical galloping feel, then breaks down into a fist-pumping chorus that one can't help but rock out to. The album moves into Die With Your Boots On, which is a perfect example of how make a riff that involves pinch harmonics correctly, which is something a lot of bands fail at. The verses are kinda dull, but like Flight of Icarus, the chorus is incredibly infectious, albeit not on the same level.

However, we have one of Metal's most well known songs: The Trooper. How can anyone not love this song? The descending intro, which feels like it will drag you straight into a warzone, and the fast paced riffs, and Bruce's perfectly complimentary vocals. Amazing, it's not hard to see why this song is a live staple. I DARE you to not sing along to this song, this is a perfect example of a Metal anthem.

Still Life slows things down once again, however, I find this pace perfectly fine, and the highlight definately being Bruce's vocals. They give this song a very soaring-esque feel. Power Metal bands, take heed, this is how you make a slower paced, epic song.

However, at this point, the album tends to disappoint me. Quest for Fire seems like a filler track, not really leading the album anywhere. The riff is generic Maiden, and really fails to capture my attention in any way. Same goes for Sun and Steel.

To Tame a Land is a decent way to close the album, although I really would have prefered a much faster song for them to go out on. There are some good riffs in this song, however, they just lack the energy the band had at the beginning of the album.

There you have it, Piece of Mind. I recommend picking the album up, but only if you are a Maiden enthusiast. Otherwise, go for Powerslave or Killers.