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Piece Of Maiden - 89%

Human666, June 19th, 2007

This is where 'Maiden' began to shape their classic form. Here 'Maiden' stood with their best line up and created a fully epic heavy metal album. 'The Number Of The Beast' was still in the middle between Dickinson era and the NWOBHM era, but in this album they were fully matured to their epic style and created an album which considers to one of the best classic of heavy metal from all times.

We start off immediately with 'Where Eagles Dare' which is based upon the same movie from 1968, which talks about a rescue operation of an american general from the nazi's claws in WWII. A short drumming section to introduce the new drummer comes in and then the riffing taking over immediately. It's amazing how such simple power chords riffing can produce a lot of atmosphere without too much variation, maybe this marvelous atmosphere increases more and more due to the epic vocals of Dickinson which rise his tons flawleslly and has an exciting vibe, anyway the riffing backs up the vocals perfectly and flows extremely well for the whole song. The soloing is also pretty epic and dives a lot with a bit psychedelic sense within and keeps on the precious atmosphere of this song without letting go. Very intense opener track, just puts you straight into the magical mood of this album. 'Revelations' is the half ballad of the album. It comes in with moderate riffing which sounds pretty similar to 'Black Sabbath' and has a badass vibe, then there is a nice chilling bridge and it turns to a sweeping melodic leading guitar which sounds just incredible. There is a fair bunch of powerful riffs here and pretty intense C-PART, and overall it's a very epic track as the opener one. It is maybe an improved version of 'Children Of The Damned (from their former album) if you wish to look it at that way.

Then we have 'Flight Of Icarus' which is one of Maiden's well known hits. The verses flowing alright and the chorus is superbly catchy and epic. It isn't cheesy too much, it's actually pretty good one, but it's very obvious that this song was meant to be the commercial single from this album.

This album could be a real masterpiece if it was shorter. It isn't a length problem, this album isn't overlong, but there are some tracks which aren't really at the same league with the highlights of the album. The row of 'Still Life', 'Quest For Fire' and 'Sun And Steel' is a row of fillers, honestly. These tracks sounds alright but they doesn't leaves a mark on you after you listen to it, as opposed to to the rest of the album. It doesn't sounds epic or unique and feels like a let down. However, after these tracks comes the incredibly epic closing track which take this album back to it's high level : 'To Tame A Land'. This song is one of Maiden's more progressive songs to date, and it's such a damn good way to close this album. It begins slowly and then becomes heavy at the verse, the chorus just rises up and leads to an astonishing instrumental section and so it closes up just awesome and sounds flawlessly epic. Easily, one of the greatest songs from this band, and that's means a lot.

'Piece Of Mind' marks the first level in the progression of 'Iron Maiden'. It has some of their best songs along some average fillers. Anyway, this album manages to be very enjoyable and even exciting sometimes, you just can't miss such a great album if you didn't listened it before. It combines the heavy metal style with an epic feeling pretty easily and I'm sure that each metalhead will like this one.