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Crash and burn - 54%

UltraBoris, August 10th, 2002

So this is what happens when you decide you no longer want to make epic masterpieces, but really have forgotten what the general mood of the Killers album that you are so trying to imitate was actually like.

The problem with the album is that there are no really overwhelmingly great tracks, and some of them are just all-out horrible, and even among the good ones, some stuff seems to be overtly recycled. Example: Tailgunner. Nice speed metal, but didn't they have a song called Aces High, that did the same thing, only better?

Holy Smoke is probably the best song on here, though it features the quite out of place line "flies around shit, bees around honey" - somehow, when I think of Iron Maiden, I don't think of them spouting off random obscenities. Maybe that's just me.

Other okay songs include the hilariously titled Public Enema Number One, and even Bring Your Daughter to the Slaughter (it's not a great song, but far better than some others I'll mention in a second) and also Mother Russia, which is decent, but nowhere close to the real epic numbers they had been able to come up with. Oh and Hooks in You is fun and catchy, despite the overwhelmingly silly lyrics.

Boring: No Prayer for the Dying. Nice, pleasant, but a bit too elevator-music for my tastes. Fates Warning, I cannot remember this song right now, seeing as I haven't listened to this album in a few months. The Assassin is pretty terrible. Really, enough dissecting this album - it lacks the overwhelmingly cool guitar work of Adrian Smith (okay it lacks EVERYTHING of Adrian Smith ... he's gone. Janick Gers is okay, but just not a guitar legend). Oh and the album cover is silly.