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An interesting EP - 76%

VampireKiller, January 21st, 2008

This EP is only really worth buying if you're a Maiden fanatic like me. There isn't really a lot of groundbreaking or insanely interesting things on offer here, but well, what can I say? I'm a Maiden maniac!

The version of "No More Lies" is the same as on the studio album. An epic and quite atmospheric track, but somewhat lacking IMO

The orchestral mix of "Paschendale" should IMO have been on the album. I prefer this version for some reason, just like with the orchestral version of "Dance of Death"

And next we have the electric version of "Journeyman", and I honestly prefer the acoustic version since it gives the album a really nice and calm ending

And finally we have the hilarious "Age of Innocence...How Old?" sung by none other than Mr. Nicko McBrain himself! The vocals and Nicko's comments when he loses place are insane! The only gripe I have about this is that 6 minutes (!) of silence between this and the electric version of "Journeyman" is hard to stomach

As I said earlier, only buy this if you're a Maiden fanatic