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With the glimmer of metal - 95%

morbert, February 25th, 2010

This EP was released in the same month Bruce Dickinson joined Maiden. Could this be the reason the band or label decided not to release a full length live album? They had the whole gig recorded and as some of us know now (they were released for fan club members in 1999 and on bootleg in 2008), it sounds killer and it would have been a remarkable live album. Never since has Iron Maiden played so fast and furious since then. Di’Anno was rawer than ever and Clive Burr really picked up the pace.

So was it really because Di’Anno was thrown out that only a few songs were released in September 1981? Because what would be the point of releasing (investing in) a full length album and promoting it as such when it features a vocalist who had just been thrown out? I’ve read the original cover featured Eddie holding Di’Anno’s decapitated head. I also read they released this EP purely because of Japanese demands. And I’m glad they did!

Anyway, at that time we didn’t know any better. We all thought they maybe recorded just a few songs, or maybe something went wrong with the other recorded songs, technically or whatever. And we were left with 4 (on some releases 5) extremely good live performances. We already had live versions of ‘Wrathchild’ and ‘Remember Tomorrow’ on the Rainbow VHS and ‘Running Free’ isn’t exactly the most rare Maiden song.

Great performances nevertheless with ‘Remember Tomorrow’ being a real gem. But what makes this specific release worth getting is the rather rare live recording of ‘Innocent Exile’. A song which hasn’t been played live since that tour ever again as far as I know.

Because of the pace, energy and the broad live sound, the songs from the debut album sound much better here and are reason enough to get your hands on this EP. Add to this a rare live recording of ‘Innocent Exile’ and ‘Killers’ with the correct lyrics (the story about the version on the Rainbow VHS is hilarious) and you’ll understand we have a must-have here from Maiden's Di’Anno days.