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Osaka Sun - 100%

Genzel, June 24th, 2010

Paul Di'anno Maiden was especially good an fun. Like a typhoon quality presentation, Maiden was the best band in the world in the 1980's beginning. After Paul got fired due to a heavy drug using, Maiden lost the best person in their time. Typically when new blood in the form of quality songs flourishes, legends are born.

The set is a good mix of both "Iron Maiden" and "Killers", the first two Iron Maiden albums. First four songs goes right on to deliver shockingly fast and wicked punk rock like anthems. The midway is a roller coaster of both personal agendas and guitar shredding. In the end, the band performs the most heavy classics such as the strange "Strange World" and the philosophical "Twilight Zone", which perfectly sums the night up.

This is classic rock, mixed somewhere between pure rock, heavy metal and punk rock. Dianno blasters through his the ever clever, sarcastic and personal voice. Voice that caused the smog in the Britannia, the melting of Greenland and the Osaka sun overwhelming heat. There is just something in the air, magic. The guitarist's shred way better than for example Osbournes fourth guitarist Zakk Wylde, just brilliant. The originality and the place, whoa, Japan!

Something about the songs: "Another Life" must've been the best song from Iron Maiden ever, where "Remember Tomorrow" is the causalitet of the insanity of sleeping to keep you alive. "Purgatory" just simply destroys every modern Maiden song currently. "Killers" puts this concert a nice caution of the dynamicity of the band in these gigs. And also, puts an end to this review, for now.