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Up The Irons! - 100%

BlackFuneral666, February 2nd, 2007

Iron Maiden is not only one of the best metal bands ever spawned, but one of the best live bands by far as well. Unfortunately, one of their best performances caught on tape contained here in Maiden Japan was really only widely available in EP form with only 5 tracks from the show seeing the light of day for years. However, if you were lucky enough to be a member of the fan club and take advantage of the offer, you get the whole show remastered in it's original form.

Iron Maiden, as usual, sound awesome here just thundering along with a great audience response. Di'Anno is in top form here, showing off his voice quite nicely (what a great range, so much better than Bruce), with Adrian, Dave, and Steve tearing up their fret-boards while Clive rips apart his kit. What is also great here is the production is very crisp and clear, along with being remastered makes it sound like your right there watching them. They play the majority of their first two albums here, only excluding "Prodigal Son" and "The Ides Of March" intro from "Killers", as well as "Prowler" and "Charlotte The Harlot" from "Iron Maiden". As some nicely added bonuses here which compensate for the loss of those however, the listener is treated to a cover of the Ronnie Montrose song "I've Got The Fire", a drum solo at the end of "Another Life", and an extended guitar solo in "Transylvania".

Really every song is a highlight here, it's an excellent track selection for a show all of them are classic songs, and as all the studio versions have been described countless times, I won't waste time by talking about all of them, just certain parts of the show. Maiden gets off to a ripping start with "Wrathchild" which is always a highlight of their show, and they play it great here. Another really nice arrangement here is when they play "Genghis Khan", "Killers", and "Innocent Exile" all in a row, their such great songs and sound excellent on this release. Another highlight of song arrangement is "Murders In The Rue Mourgue", "Phantom Of The Opera", and "Iron Maiden" being played in a row. The encore they do is arranged very well with "Running Free", "Transylvania", "Drifter", and then their ass ripping version of "I've Got The Fire".

In conclusion, this is one of the best live recordings I've ever heard, and I strongly suggest getting it if you can find it. This is only one of a handful that actually deserves a 100 rating. It will not dissapoint!