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Maiden England - 90%

anticimex, October 25th, 2009

To begin with this was my first contact with Iron Maiden, a bit before I got my hands on the Brave New World album when it came out and as a kid I don't think I could have had a better introduction to Iron Maiden at the time. This is still my favorite Bruce Dickinsson-era Maiden live VHS and it's just right in every way. The track list is just awesome. They even left out Run To The Hills, which I now think is a good desicion because we all know how overplayed it is. Good song yes but they have a lot more good tracks... Which shows.

A very important aspect of this release is that this is the last sign of 80s greatness of Iron Maiden before falling into complete mediocreness from No Prayer For The Dying to Virtual XI.

Starting off with Moonchild is the only right thing to do since this is from the Seventh Son era, and also this stage visuals is my favorite too with it's ice and stuff. The Evil That Men Do is one of the few overplayed classics that is really enjoyable, and The Prisoner is a great choice from the almost mediocre Number Of The Beast album.
Still Life is where this live show really starts to shine because if you compare this to the original version on the Piece Of Mind LP it's easy to tell which one is better... This one!!! The solo part sounds bad and boring on the LP but awesome on this version. Die With Your Boots On is even better, and Bruce seems to be in a very happy mood running around and yelling like a maniac.

The best on here might be Killers, it's not better or worse that the original version with Paul it's just as good in it's own way. The other half is not as exciting, but that doesn't mean it's bad or something because it's top notch. The only really spectacular moment on the other half would be Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son, and especially the calm part and solo. It's almost too awesome to handle. The closing track is the weak part, and it's not the song itself but the lacking energy from Nickos side. He just isn't as energic as Clive Burr, because Clive puts so much energy in his playing it's almost redicolous. Nicko is far more technical, which suits for such songs, but to make a song like Iron Maiden or Prowler justice the speed has to be lighting fast.

The sound is great, it reminds a lot of the album that it's centered around and the camerawork is as great as it can get. There are some fun individuals in the adience to find too, a hairy troll headbanging like a maniac to The Number Of The Beast, a chick with a tape recorder and my personal favorite the Conan O'Brien lookalike who doesn't really seem to enjoy this show, more likely to vomit. And to end this shit I just have to mention Adrians extremely nerdy mullet.