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A very interesting single - 95%

Metal_God, July 7th, 2003

Lord of the Flies is the second single from the X Factor album and a surprisingly good one!

It starts out with the title track, Lord of the Flies. Should it have been the first single, because it is better than Man on the Edge? Lets see...
Lord of the Flies is 5 minutes long and a very good piece of music, not dull for one moment! It starts out with some nice guitar play and some simple drums, in not a too high tempo. It gives the song its mood right away, which is good! Blaze singing is good and the melodies are perfect. The guitar solo is not fast or spectacular, but fits perfectly in the song with its rhythmic tempo. Lord of the Flies is certainly one of Blaze's highlights in Iron Maiden and should have been the first single I think.

The second track is a cover(!) of UFO's song Doctor Doctor and Iron Maiden adapts it marvelously. This is a surpisingly good song with very catchy melodies and probably one of the best singing from Blaze ever.
It starts out slow and moody, but then goes in in a bit faster tempo. I have to be honest and say that this cover is better than Lord of the Flies. It feels strange to say that a cover by Iron Maiden is as good as some of their own best songs, but the truth will set you free...

The third track is also a cover, but of a slightly more well-known song. My Generation, originally by The Who. Iron Maidens version of it has no real heavy metal feeling, but sounds very close to the real version. Blazes voice fits amazingly good. The song is great in its original version and is also great when Iron Maiden adapts it.

The Lord of the Flies single is a very solid release, but is extremely hard to find...sadly. Three great songs and I see absolutely no problem that Iron Maiden makes two covers. Try to get this single!