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"We should never surrender"... - 95%

Ausgebombt, August 21st, 2004

.. this is the last phrase pronounced by the English minister Winston Churchill after Iron Maiden bangs the stage with the unmistakable riff from Aces High; and we are introduced by Bruce's "Air Raid Siren" to what would be the most fantastic hour and a half of Heavy Metal Maidenesque galloping music.

ALL the songs here are best known as Maiden classics; and I'll go as far as to name them anthems of Heavy Metal music. This video also features a chilling epic which is Rime Of The Ancient Mariner.. Dave Lights and all the crew here surelly have made a big effort during this song to set the mood, with impressive lightwork and even some "fog" thrown upon the stage during the slower section of the song.

The stage set is also impressive, which is the best I've seen so far. Only somewhat matched with the great performance that the last Iron Maiden show (on Dance of Death World Tour) put up, since both feature an enormous Eddie, and who doesn't like to see that?.

The audience is cool, but not the best.. Sincerely I haven't seen any American audience to be really "into the show" with sing-a-longs choruses (except in Two Mins. To Midnight) and loud screams, and this is not the exception. Good thing is that Bruce plays a lot with the audience and this makes it have a more relevance feeling into the whole set.

Overall, this is a VHS which I don't regret. The classical Maiden stunts are here; the songs are excellently performed and Maiden sure have a unique vibe when seen live. So if you can catch up with this, don't hesitate in giving it a chance. It's well worthed.