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As Awesome As You Would Expect - 95%

infectedsanity, June 2nd, 2008

The original release of Iron Maiden’s Live After Death concert video definitely hit home with Maiden fans everywhere. Now, 23 years later, Eddie and the boys are back again, along with the same reaction and reception of the old fans (with the addition of a new generation of Maiden freaks, of course). The title says it all; as awesome as you would expect, but with more.

Disc 1 is the concert, which has been re-vamped with video/audio re-mastering, along with a new 5.1 Surround Sound audio mix, which totally rocks. The live renditions of the songs are very well-done, and very close to the originals, especially a song like Rime of the Ancient Mariner, knowing how long it is. This is definitely the best display of classic Maiden, and the best display of how theatrical the band is on tour.

Disc 2 is where it gets interesting. The History of Iron Maiden, Part 2 is a very good look at the Powerslave-era of the band, and quite funny too. Rock In Rio 1985 is also cool, since it was the very first one, although not every song in the set is on the DVD. Behind The Iron Curtain is cool as well, since it’s been out of print for a long time, so it’s sweet to see it included on this DVD. The others things like ‘Ello Texas, the music videos, and the still galleries, are great additions to an already awesome DVD.

I only have 2 beefs with this DVD, which keep it for getting 99%. Firstly, the editing isn’t always the greatest. I don’t know whether to blame it on a lack of a good editor, or a lack of easy-to-use editing technology in ’85, or maybe both, but the shots don’t always sync up with the audio. Either they are the wrong shots, or the audio may be slightly ahead or behind the video. I noticed this especially with shots of Nicko. You’re probably thinking, “Nobody notices that stuff, because he’s the drummer”, but as a drummer myself, I DO notice. Secondly, there aren’t any easter eggs. I’m not the biggest Maiden fan in the world, so I don’t know what kinds of little things they could’ve added as easter eggs for this DVD. But the point is that there aren’t any, and that kinda sucks.

Overall, this is the best display of classic Maiden, and a must for any fan. If you’re a Maiden freak, you probably have it by now. If you are only a small fan, then you’ll be a lot more into them because of this DVD. The material is great on both discs, and it’s not lacking anything, DVD-wise. Awesome stuff \m/_(-_-)_\m/.

Almost perfect... - 97%

MORNINGSTAR88, February 21st, 2008

This truly is one of the best live things I've ever seen... it has one flaw in it, but, it's just epic.

Well worth the wait of over ten years for this...

The Sound and Video have been massively improved, and it shows. Listening to this concert in 5.1 for the first time blew me away. From the opening of Churchill's speech, right through to the last bit of Sanctuary, and the crowds reaction that follows over the end credits, this thing had me enraptured. Not to mention the bits that get chopped for the CD that were in here had me in stitches, Bruce Dickinson proving himself to be an excellent showman, as well as just a great voice.

There were flaws though, and the main one being that, whilst the CD was mainly recorded on the 4th night, the Video was all done on the second, so quite a bit of the spiel that you DO know from the CD is different, as much as it's blatantly obvious they tried to do as much as possible in exactly the same way. This however, is minor, and I'm just nitpicking because I, among many, many other fans, pretty much know the CD verbatim, and to be thrown off a little tends to spoil a bit of the fun.

The only other real flaw wasn't with the production or sound at all, even if I personally think that the guitars could have been mixed a little better. No, the only other noticeable flaw was Dickinson himself. For some reason, on this night, he just couldn't hit those notes properly. Still, since he spends most of his time arseing about on the stage like some deranged lunatic on Acid, you hardly notice, especially when you get to hear just how good Steve Harris and co really sound when put under pressure.

Highly recommended for ANY music fans, though, obviously fans of the band will get the most out of it...

Live After Death? Oh Yea! - 100%

GuntherTheUndying, February 17th, 2008

If you’re an Iron Maiden fan that currently doesn’t have an extra pair of trousers in close range, I suggest you get one before continuing, because load-blowing might occur. For everyone else: It’s “Live After Death,” but on DVD, which requires no further explanation when describing how instinctively awesome it is. What we have here is a visual recreation of a landmark show that’s spiced up for your viewing enjoyment as it’s stuffed with concerts, documentaries, and many more items that’ll make you shout with joy; I promise you’ll turn into an over-excited teenager in minutes. A lot of bands and labels will toss DVDs at you hoping you’ll waste a few bucks on some crappy concert footage or whatever, but once in awhile, something like this will find its way to shelves and make everything around it obsolete. “Live of Death” has never been dethroned years after its crowning, yet our friends at Iron Maiden now have conquered a second live kingdom with this amazing gallery of history, might, and downright perfection.

Content wise, Iron Maiden's performance is energetic and full of power unlike any other group of their time. The classic lineup of Adrian Smith, Bruce Dickinson, Nicko McBrain, Dave Murray, and Steve Harris rips through both epic and speedy numbers like "Rime of The Ancient Mariner" and "The Trooper" like it was part of their daily schedule; everything they perform is done wonderfully and clearly to the best of their thriving abilities. Of course, if you've even experienced "Live After Death" at all, you’re probably already aware of how magical and downright forceful the band was in their prime, and that's something they'll always be known for. I mean how many squads could take a tune like “Revelations” and spice it up with so much voltage that it appears better live than on an actual record? Not for many, I suppose.

But being able to finally witness this show visually is the real gem here. Iron Maiden’s stage presence complies entirely with impressive stage motions, which clearly make this whole enterprise much more attractive. It certainly was necessary to inject these famous shows by simply acting upbeat and hyper throughout without any pauses; just keeping that adrenaline on the move was like a key to a door. I mean what’s better than watching Steve Harris plucking his bass during rapid sections on faster numbers? What’s better than viewing Nicko’s slick drum fills? What’s better than witnessing Bruce’s killer mask he idolized during “Powerslave” and its epic majesty? Or how about observing Eddie’s mummified corpse prancing around while pestering the entire Iron Maiden crew? That just can’t be beat!

Iron Maiden’s biographical series continues here as the main attractive of this set’s second disc. Appropriately titled “The History of Iron Maiden: Part 2,” sixty minutes of interesting commentary from all five members shows them retracing their steps throughout the “Powerslave” writing process while giving some funny memories that emerged during the massive tour that followed. Nevertheless, our longtime friends regress back to those golden days and place every last detail about that time (including the unforgettable events that created “Mission From ‘Arry”) on a plate for you to indulge exactly what they devoured back then; it’s actually a really good view, even if it might seem a little unneeded at hindsight. And that’s not even mentioning the eastern European tour story, and many other great concerts of excellent proportions! Somebody get a bucket because I just came.

Years will pass like lines on a road, yet Iron Maiden’s monumental show way back in 1985 shall still channel identical energy levels into both your headphones and television screen; there’s few things out there that’ll actually be masterful in multiple senses like “Live After Death” and its legacy. I can honestly conclude you’ll adore this thing to death if you find the CD remotely fun at all, but even placing the classic show aside still leaves you in bed with an interesting documentary and other great additions. If you’re ever going to buy at least one live DVD in your lifespan, make it this legendary performance that’ll forever be known as metal’s finest show ever forged by mortal men.

"We should never surrender"... - 95%

Ausgebombt, August 21st, 2004

.. this is the last phrase pronounced by the English minister Winston Churchill after Iron Maiden bangs the stage with the unmistakable riff from Aces High; and we are introduced by Bruce's "Air Raid Siren" to what would be the most fantastic hour and a half of Heavy Metal Maidenesque galloping music.

ALL the songs here are best known as Maiden classics; and I'll go as far as to name them anthems of Heavy Metal music. This video also features a chilling epic which is Rime Of The Ancient Mariner.. Dave Lights and all the crew here surelly have made a big effort during this song to set the mood, with impressive lightwork and even some "fog" thrown upon the stage during the slower section of the song.

The stage set is also impressive, which is the best I've seen so far. Only somewhat matched with the great performance that the last Iron Maiden show (on Dance of Death World Tour) put up, since both feature an enormous Eddie, and who doesn't like to see that?.

The audience is cool, but not the best.. Sincerely I haven't seen any American audience to be really "into the show" with sing-a-longs choruses (except in Two Mins. To Midnight) and loud screams, and this is not the exception. Good thing is that Bruce plays a lot with the audience and this makes it have a more relevance feeling into the whole set.

Overall, this is a VHS which I don't regret. The classical Maiden stunts are here; the songs are excellently performed and Maiden sure have a unique vibe when seen live. So if you can catch up with this, don't hesitate in giving it a chance. It's well worthed.