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I Killed For This Album! - 94%

Starborn, May 21st, 2006

This right here is the second best thing Maiden ever did, second only to 7th son. This is pretty much straight forward NWOBHM, but this just might be the best album from that era heavy metal. I actually had to listen to the album a few times for I realised how awesome it truely is. With the addition of Adrian Smith, Iron Maiden really improved the overall musical direction of the band. Well what I mean is the guitar work improved alot and became even more enjoyable to listen to.

I mean seriously this guitar playing here is some the best you'll ever hear, and this album also contains what might be Maiden's best 5 song combo. The first five songs on Killers are perfect and with these five songs are the two best instumentals the band ever did. "Ides Of March" is the opener and this is usually used for an opener for live shows. Ides is heavily guitar driven with great layered guitar riffs with great drumming, and great bass playing by Steve Harris.

"Gengis Khan" is really great, because to me it contains the album's best guitar solo. The song itself goes through many changes, starting off little comlexed and fast, and then evens out and starts going into a steady tempo and then we come to the amazing solo, which is kinda subtle but it works perfectly here. "Wrath Child" is the first song on the album, which is just awesome, Paul Dianno really sings very well but you really shouldn't compared the guy to Dickinson. Paul is Paul, and Bruce is Bruce, but personaly I prefer to hear Paul singing on Killers/Iron Maiden era songs than Bruce.

I do think Bruce is the better singer of course, but I just think Dianno voice fits these songs better. Anyways "Murders In Rue Morgue" is excellent as well, kinda has a power metal vibe. The chorus is also probably the best on the album. The guitar melodies like mentioned before are complexed and very melodic, this great highlight and is a fan favorite, just awesome. "Another Life" is actually my favorite song on Killers, it starts off with a guitar intro and it kinda creeps into this guitar galloping epic. I really love chorus here it really is sung well by Dianno, great guitar solo and very structured piece of music.

I think song is about how your life could of been or what it should of been, I guess we can relate to these feelings. This really is one of the best songs Maiden ever wrote, defiante highlight for me. "Twilight Zone" which was a single from album, is quite nice and "Drifter" is which is overlooked, is real gem to. Anyone who likes cowboys or cowboy themes would probably enjoy this one. I usually think of the man with no name when listening to this one. All of the songs here are really good, pretty solid, well very solid would be more fitting term.

I can't believe this album doesn't get more worship for fans, it's an essential piece of heavy metal, and if you don't own it, consider your metal collection incomplete. Get this baby on vinyl record if you can, and play it for days until you can sing the whole album by heart. No Maiden fan should be without this one, highly recommended classic.