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One of Maiden's best - 100%

BlackFuneral666, February 2nd, 2007

Unfortunately, the Di'Anno era of Maiden is often disregarded by many fans world wide, which is hard to understand, as the band was churning out some great classic songs with alot of raw power and energy at the time. All in all, these albums sound heavier then alot of their other releases with Dickinson.

Killers, Iron Maiden's second offering rips into you and doesn't let up until the end. It seems to start off a little slow with the intro "The Ides Of March" which gives the album a nice atmosphere to start off with, despite it being a very short instrumental. From there, without a pause, it rolls directly into "Wrathchild" which is a great rocker with some great riffs and hooks. Next up is "Murders In The Rue Morgue" which starts off slow, but soon picks up to breakneck speed which has the ferocity to rip your fucking face off. "Another Life" comes up next which has some great guitar parts and instrumentally sounds excellent, the only complaint at all about this song and about the album for that matter is that the lyrics here aren't very inventive, just the same few lines repeated over and over again. "Genghis Khan" is an excellent instrumental played at top speed in the vein of "Transylvania" from their first release which gives way to the bass driven classic "Innocent Exile" which is one of the best songs I've ever heard from Maiden and then the excellent title track which features one of the best vocal performances Paul Di'Anno's ever given along with some great harmonic lines from both Adrian and Dave, Steve ripping up his bass like a madman and Clive giving an all out assault on his drums. The remaining four songs rock along nicely with that classic sound and intensity only Iron Maiden could muster. with the exception of "Prodigal Son" which is just as good, but more along the lines of a slower ballad like song. The album closes ferociously just as it opened with the classic "Drifter" which has some excellent hooks, riffs, and a great shout along chorus.

Essentially. this is a flawless classic Iron Maiden album with the whole band in top form and giving one of the best performances of their lives. Di'Anno's vocals especially stand out here.