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Solid, and somewhat rare - 85%

evilution, March 25th, 2003

While this single is a bit hard to find, it is worth tracking down because, along with the Angel and the Gambler singles, it contains the only official live material recorded with Blaze Bayley. But first, Futureal itself. This is a good song, in the vein of Be Quick or Be Dead, a fast and catchy album opener, and it probably should have been the first single from the album, as its appeal would undoubtedly have been greater than the appeal of the cumbersome Angel and the Gambler. Better late than never, I suppose.

Now, on to the b-sides. First we get to hear the Evil that Men Do, with the lyrics butchered by Blaze, but aside from his memory lapse it is a solid rendition of the song. Following that we get Man on the Edge, the first single from the X-Factor, and once again it is a solid rendition. Finally, Maiden continues their 90s tradition of including a video clip, this time for the Angel and the Gambler, and the enjoyable video is made better by the fact that this is an edited version of the song, which doesn't drag so much.

All in all then, this is essential for Maiden completists and a good pickup for the more casual fan, who's interested in the Blaze era.