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Di’Anno’s Fire was better. Icarus rules - 70%

morbert, March 1st, 2010

The first single coming from Piece Of Mind was the rather laid back yet heavy ‘Flight of Icarus’. Composed by Dickinson & Smith who had finally discovered how much fun it was for them to compose together. Unlike most of the other songs from the album ‘Flight of Icarus ‘ consisted of simple riffs, vocal lines and had an easy accessible pop song structure. A bad thing? Of course not! With musicians like these in their prime pretty much any song sounded great. And even in the hands of others ‘Flight of Icarus’ would still be a great song because of the catchy main riff and the strong chorus.

However the Montrose cover ‘I’ve Got The Fire’ is a song I often skip. Not because I dislike the tune, but because I prefer the live version with Di’Anno singing. Obviously because Di’Anno had a stronger ‘rock’ voice (suiting this song much better) whereas Bruce was of course very metal. But mostly because of the live rawness. This version is nice, well produced and sung adequately. I just prefer hearing the raw sweaty version.