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Collectors Only - 50%

DawnoftheShred, August 26th, 2008

Ah, Maiden’s “Flight of Icarus” picture-disc. Nothing quite says “heavy metal” like the image a winged Eddie torching the nude Greek legend with his flamethrower, eh? However, due to the lack of really exclusive material, this one is really only for those that collect (or big fans of the cover art…).

“Flight of Icarus” is one of the more memorable tracks off of Maiden’s classic Piece of Mind album, a release relatively full of memorable tracks. Sort of a loose adaptation of the Icarus story, it’s nonetheless a strong romp through Maiden’s legendary songwriting and shows the band at a very solid point in their career. Awesome.

The B-side, also known as “the entire reason to even pick up one of these Maiden singles,” is a new studio rendition of the Montrose song “I’ve Got the Fire,” which they’d performed live in the past (it was on the “Sanctuary” EP remember?). This version is better, as Bruce Dickinson mans the vocal duties and the production is album quality. But yeah, it’s still a Montrose song. Remember when they covered “Cross Eyed Mary?” Now that was a song worth covering.

For the Maiden completionist who has everything (well, except for this obviously), it’s another required purchase. But as for us less-than-hardcore fans, we can do without the Montrose cover.