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Around the World With Iron Maiden - 100%

caspianrex, June 24th, 2009

I got this DVD yesterday, and watched it with my two and a half year old daugher. She proclaimed it "rocking," and let me tell you, the little lady has TASTE! Not only is this an excellent glimpse into the lives of Iron Maiden on the road, it's also an entertaining travelogue, that offers a look at rock and roll through the lens of several "non-European" cultures. It's simply amazing to see the crowds of people thronging in the airports in Mumbai, Costa Rica, and other countries. It is clear from watching this film that Iron Maiden are far from being some heavy metal relic from the 80s, trying to relive their glory days. Far from it. This is a band who is still attracting hundreds of thousands of people all over the world.

Musically, these guys are showing few signs of their age. The concert footage throughout the film shows a band at the top of their form. Bruce Dickinson wails as powerfully as he ever has, even in the mountains of Bogota, where the air is a bit thinner than he is used to. Nicko McBrain mercilessly flogs his drum kit, even when he almost breaks his wrist while playing a round of golf on one of his days off. The triple guitar attack of Adrian Smith, Janick Gers and Dave Murray is nothing short of awe inspiring: these guys trade solos back and forth, like some sort of intricate sporting event. And let us not forget the inimitable Steve Harris, who manages to play a great show in Australia, while still feeling the stomach-turning effects of a bug caught in India a few days before. I must also say, it's nothing short of inspirational to watch the reaction of the crowd in the concert scenes. The most emotional moment comes toward the end of the film, when a Latin American fan who has caught one of Nicko's drum sticks at the end of the show breaks down in tears, crosses himself and lifts his hands heavenward, absolutely enraptured by his concert experience. Beautiful...

Meanwhile, the film shows us much entertaining and often hilarious behind-the-scenes footage of the band recovering from concerts, hanging out on Ed Force One (the plane which Bruce Dickinson pilots around the globe, carrying all the band, crew and equipment), meeting and greeting fans all over the world, and sometimes kicking back and relaxing. The interviews interspersed throughout the film manage to give a paint a fascinating picture of a group who has been doing this for a little while, and one comes away with the impression that these guys are devoted to their fans and the music, while maintaining quite a bit of humility and respect for each other.

If you are at all a fan of Iron Maiden, you need to see Flight 666; if you are a fan of rock music, you need to see Flight 666. Hang it all, if you're a person who enjoys seeing a bunch of people who are passionate about what they do, encountering people of all kinds of cultures, you need to see Flight 666! Go ahead, once you've read this review, go to Amazon or FYE or wherever you like to shop online, and get yourself a copy of this DVD! You will not be disappointed, I promise.