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Streets of gold ???? Well, half of them are fake - 49%

extremesymphony, August 25th, 2010

Coming form a very succesful Somewhere Back In Time world tour, the Maiden machine hit back the road with the announcement of a new album. The world was kept in constant touch about the developent of the record and according to descriptions, it was to be one of the best thing they had done in a while. The time soon came when Maiden announced the new single El Dorado was to be released. The whole world waited with huge expectations to catch the single.

The new Maiden single is typically like the previous Maiden singles, short, catchy, galloping, simple and to the point. But this one lacks the ferocity of Aces High, the darkness of Be Quick or Be Dead, the melodies of Infinite Dreams, or the chorus of the Trooper. In short Maiden, in this song tried hard to create the earlier effect which made their singles enjoyable, but failed to add intresting portions in it. The single sounds dated and nothing is surprising or adventurous. The vocals aren’t that inspiring. Dickinson sounds tired. Repetetive and poor quality choruses have been plaging Maiden albums since The X Factor, and here the problem emerges again. The chorus is pretty weak and dated especially considering who wrote it.

In spite of all these defects, gentlemen, this is Maiden doing what they do best. ‘Arry is still at his galloping best. The triple guitar unit of Murray-Smith-Gers are in fine shape and the guitar work in this song is quite good. The lead work is what you would expect from Maiden, superb as usual. The drum work, well its Nicko McBrain on the drums with his single bass drum, so you can’t expect any flaws. Yes, the drum work is really superb.

Concluding we can say that this is just OK. These type of songs are something we listen from Maiden every time. Something adventurous could have been like a breath of fresh air here. This is neither epic nor something aggressive or something complex. This is simple, straight forward which is fun at the first listen or two but then slowly gets dated. The problem of weak chorus complicates the matter further. The lyrics aren’t inspiring either and are just random. Nothing here just stands out to scream “AAAH, TELL ME WHY I HAVE TO BE A POWERSLAVE!!!”.