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Wasted Effort Searching for Gold... - 40%

PillarofModern, June 19th, 2011

Whatever happened to the Iron Maiden of old? I'm a long time Maiden fan, with years and years of enjoying and enduring the band's accomplishments/flaws. However, this was the pinnacle breaking point that I (agonizingly) do not follow Maiden as loyally as I had back then. I first got this single online when the Maiden website offered a free itunes track as a prequel to the new album.

The song bursts with something like a "Grand finale," something that most bands play at the end of a live show or song. That may have been acceptable, but at this specific circumstance, it seemed rather cheesy and cliche. When Harris plays that familiar galloping rhythm, the one we ALWAYS seem to hear nowadays, the flavor gets bland easily. Taking a glance at the lyrics did not help, since everyone has been babbling about "It's a guitar and lyrics album!" If it is a lyrics album, it is really mediocre to say, then. The lyrics have lost their poignancy and feeling, sounding like a cheesy fifth grader trying to write about viking metal. Bruce's vocals added further insult to injury, since "Going to tell you a story" immediately made me cringe with embarrassment. Why embarrassment? Because his voice, along with the terrible words of the song, just made me feel ASHAMED to be a Maiden fan! It made a recipe for a musical flop! The solo failed to impress me, and the rest of the song made me cry with shame.

I am deeply disappointed with Maiden today. I used to review Maiden albums with such happiness and enthusiasm, but this just destroyed my hope. Many people give the new album stupid, juvenile scores like "100%, best album EVER!" just because it is Maiden. I love Maiden, hell yeah, perhaps more than you ever would, but when you review, you have to understand that you must get into the inner core and understand and contemplate the faults. Maiden had lost its traditional touch and delved too deep (unfortunately) in prog territory.