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...And What Was The Point? - 45%

StupidGenius, October 11th, 2004

Well, I've had this album for about a week, and I'm left wondering why Iron Maiden bothered to release this compilation album. It's tracklist bears staggering resemblance to the single CD version of The Best Of The Beast I already own, and it suffers from some glaring ommisions; namely, Hallowed Be Thy Name and Afraid To Shoot Strangers.

Considering Maiden's impressive list of studio albums, it's safe to assume that it's impossible to narrow their best down to 16 songs. What's worse is the quesionable selection of songs. I can't help but wonder why songs like The Wicker Man are on here. Sure, its a great song, but was it worth leaving off a much more deserving song? If they wanted to ensure a Brave New World song on the album, why not use something like ghost Of The Navigator?

However, all is not lost. The inclusion of the Rock In Rio version of Fear Of The Dark scores some points, if only for hearing a quarter million screaming fans singing along with Bruce.

Another thing that really dissapoints me is the packaging. When I buy a best of album, I expect to be treated to a booklet full of rare pictures and other goodies. You know, kind of like Best Of The Beast. However, when I crack open Edward The Great, i'm greated with lame cover art, and shiny pages with the lyrics accompanied by a handful of pictures of the band. Less than impressive.

Overall, the album left me feeling cheated. It reminds me a whole lot of Iced Earth's "The Blessed And The Damned". A pointless best-of album with a poor tracklist and a tendancy to leave the buyer feeling that the CD was completely needless. At least Iced Earth can say that they had no say in the release of the album.

The bottom line: Stick to one of the other best-of albums, or at least pick up a live album if your looking for a collection of songs spanning thier career.