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No no no no no... - 40%

PriestofSadWings, February 11th, 2007

I was excited when I came home and saw Edward the Great lying on my desk as a present from my brother. Then I flipped the CD case over and looked at the track listing. What the flying fuck?

The most obvious flaw with this piece of trash is the tracklisting. Does the idea of a Maiden compilation without any Di'Anno material, missing Hallowed Be Thy Name, missing Aces High, missing Stranger in a Strange Land, and missing Be Quick or Be Dead sound like a good idea to you? It must have to Steve...or maybe to Steve's wallet.

As well, there is also some crap included here. Can I Play With Madness, Bring Your Daughter to the Slaughter, and the live rendition of Fear of the Dark (Worst. Lyric. Ever.) are unbearably cheesy. The Blaze material (Futureal and Man on the Edge), and Blaze's voice in particular, comes off as weak compared to Bruce's soaring wail and dramatic touches. The Clairvoyant, Infinite Dreams, and Holy Smoke were absolutely unnecessary.

Excuse me, Steve, but we wanted the BEST of Iron Maiden. If you're not going to release a compilation that isn't half-assed, don't release one at all.