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All good stuff in this box set. - 100%

Symphony_Of_Terror, March 18th, 2004

I think its great when bands make box sets...but the problem is most of them suck. This one doesn't. The band doesn't include worthless singles...or stuff that you can't purchase anywhere else without buying the box set. Its rather annoying when a band releases a pricing box set with stuff it in that long time fans allready own, then a single cd with rare trax that is not available by itself. Thus forcing many fans to waste 100 bucks on something the almost allready own. Iron Maiden did not do that hear at all.

Whats done so well on the box set is that it all the albums in this box set are available by themselves. The band doesn't include special releases of the albums either, which is good because you can get the exact same albums in this box set seperatly. Another reasons its good is because it doesn't have any bad maiden releases in it. Not that there are any really. But your not getting any crap with it, and buying the box set is a bit cheaper than buying them induvigually. So its good for a new fan who wants the collection. Plus it comes with some cool pictures and a badass box with eddie on it. If I didn't own any maiden albums I would buy this in a heart beat. Even if I owned 2 or 3 I would stiff buy it. I like how they included the live albums as well.