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The ULTIMATE box set - 100%

VampireKiller, April 15th, 2008

So, here we have "Eddie's Archive", a boxed set released on the market in 2002 in limited copies. I was lucky enough to get ahold of a copy of it through a website, but let's focus more on the content, shall we?

The content on this boxed set is more than you could ever ask. Well, maybe you could ask for b'sides of rarely played songs, but the pure quantity and quality of the material on display here makes up for it. And not to mention the extra bonus items such as the family tree, the ring and the glass that's bound to make yourself knock up a shot or two while listening to this.

And so the first CD on offer here is called "BBC Archives", and is basically made up of rare recordings from several events in the band's history. We are treated with a set of recordings from the Friday Rock Show sessions, which must be impossible to get ahold of outside of this box set. And what follows is recordings from the 1980 and 1982 Reading Festivals, and finally the CD is rounded off nicely with a set of songs performed on Donington in 1988 which includes gems such as "Moonchild", "Infinite Dreams" and "Seventh Son of a Seventh Son". The only minor complaint is that some songs are featured more than once on this CD, and ends up becoming a bit repetitive in the end

The second CD is entitled "Beast Over Hammersmith", which is a full live album released 20 years after its recording. This is the best CD in the set IMO. This could have been a legendary live album if it had been released earlier. The short parody of a The Police song in the middle of "Drifter" is also good fun.

And finally we come to an end with the third CD, which is called "Best of the B'Sides". The artwork for this CD is absolutely hilarious, as are some of the songs such as "Nodding Donkey Blues" and "Sheriff of Huddersfield". But there are also some live recordings featured, and some of which are quite rare. Quite simply, listen to the CD if you're feeling for a laugh or if you want to listen to rare live recordings that you can otherwise only find on youtube

Buy this set if you can get ahold of it, okay? Especially if you're a sucker for exclusive stuff.