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The fans can make an Iron Maiden compilation good - 95%

Symphony_Of_Terror, April 8th, 2004

I didn't think it was possible for Iron Maiden to make a compilation worth owning, or thats any good at all. Here we have Ed Hunter, aside from having a great song selection, it comes with (at the time) a great video game with pretty good graphics. It was a smart idea to have the fans vote for their favorite Iron Maiden songs, instead of having Iron Maiden make another compilation that doesn't have the songs the fans want on it. I give them alot of credit for that. This and perhaps Best of The Beast are the only Iron Maiden compilations that are worth owning if you don't have their complete discography. Most Maiden Fans have all their albums so usually Maiden compilations are worthless if they don't have unreleased material on it, in this case a video game. Whats nice is that this little package is between 20-30 dollars in a major chain store like best buy or sam goody, and it comes with a game, most games are like 50 bucks, so the value is unquestionalby good.

The music on this album is also great, having all great Maiden tracks up to Virtual XI, without having to many from one album on this. It has the best version of Iron Maiden, done live by Bruce on vocals. A nice Hidden track with Bruce on vocals for Wrathchild. Plus a bunch of classics like Fear of The Dark, Hallowed Be Thy Name, Run To The Hills, The Trooper, these are essential songs for a compilation. Then the great forgotten tracks like Stranger In A Strange Land and Waster Years, tracks usually left off of Iron Maiden Compilations, see the fans know what they are doing.

I think this is a great Iron Maiden compilation, most Maiden comps suck like 17 Numbers By The Beast and Edward The Great. I would rate this up there with Best Of The Beast. Worth owning if you want a now outdated Iron Maiden themed Dom style game, or if your Iron Maiden albums are only few.