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Good DVD, bad Editing. - 71%

shred_review, June 18th, 2007

Ah, there’s nothing like Iron Maiden live. You can be sure, Iron Maiden will always put on a good show. And in Death on the Road is no exception, for the most part.

The set list greatly resembles that of their previous DVD, Rock in Rio: new songs mixed in with their classics. So basically this is a show that switches from their early straightforward gallop-ers, to their new progressive epics. This provides the set with a good balance and chemistry. The highlight of the set, of course, is Paschendale; mainly because of the guitar work, but also because of the theatrics. Lord of the Flies should NOT have been on this DVD, nor be in any Maiden set for the rest of time. Throw in Powerslave or Aces High instead, and leave that garbage out. An interesting note is that for the encore, Maiden opens with Journeyman, and slows things right down before the monster that is The Number of the Beast. This adds some nice flavor to the set.

The audio quality is great. It captures live Maiden perfectly, especially the 5.1 Dolby Digital version.

The special features DVD is interesting, and definitely a bonus. Although, I wouldn’t watch it more than once, as it does drag on. It’s fun to see the creation of the new album.

Visually this DVD sucks. The quality is great, and crystal clear. But the editing is terrible. When I first watched this DVD, I had no clue what I was looking at for the first half hour. The camera jumps around so often, I almost had a seizure. The longest the shot stays on a single camera is probably 1 second, the average being 0.25 seconds of course. Literally.

Death on the Road would get a significant point boost if it wasn’t for the editing. Overall a good DVD, with some bad editing.