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Nice, could have been better - 85%

Lugarid, February 19th, 2006

Death On The Road comes spanned over 3 DVDs, 2 of them having the same content with the exception of the sound mix and a DVD with studio and backstage footage, including interviews with the members on the making of Dance Of Death and interview with the crew during the tour.

DVD no. 1/2. I don`t know how the 2.0 mix is, I used the 5.1 DVD to watch the concert. The sound mix is absolute bilss, if you have the corect setup for your speakers you will feel in the middle of the stage. and this is one reason alone why this DVD rules. the angles used, all picked by hand by Mr. Maiden himself, Steve Harris, are a little bit of a downfall at times, as they change pretty darn fast, and if you like to look at what one guitar player does during the song, well...bad luck, you only get about one, maybe two seconds of one angle, so you can`t really get what he`s doing. otherwise, the setlist was OK, typical maiden, not very different from the Rock In Rio DVD, only this time they included more songs from DoD and only one from Brave New World. which is a pitty, I might add... and because the DoD songs are longer, they had less space for other songs, thus Maiden anthems like 2 Minutes, Sanctuary, The Evil That Men Do and others that are usually in their list are not found here. not a very big deal, as they have played them so many times until now, that everybody knows pretty darn well how they sound live. But to see Bruce dressed up like an army soldier on Paschendale, or a medieval storyteller/grim reaper in DoD makes up for the missing songs. yes, Bruce has costume changes. 3 of them to make it clear. the songs are played allmost to perfection, allthough Hallowed Be Thy Name has had better days. All in all a nice Maiden show, with the classical setlist (they could have thrown out Paschendale and thew in Seventh Son, or Alexander the Great, or whatever else to make it be more diverse...)

DVD 3 includes, as stated before, an insight into how the DoD album was made and what implies being on the road with maiden. interviews with the band, producer, technicians, basicaly all the important people involved in Iron Maiden in the studio and on the road. It gives you a nice and clear idea of how the band writes songs and how preparations are made every day for a successful live concert, and what risks they include (the part with german beer on the mixing table was not very nice...). you also get the two videos from DoD (Wildest Dreams and Rainmaker) and some sketches of both.