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Less cheese please, thank you! - 88%

doctorgrowl, July 28th, 2006

When I learned that Maiden would release another live album, I was quite surprised. I thought they gave me enough with Rock In Rio but it seems that they really wanted everyone to hear the best pieces from Dance Of Death in all their glory.

My first quick listen was disappointing, mostly because I decided to hear the older songs. It was like listening to Rock In Rio... Nothing special... But a couple of months later, I decided to listen to it completely. A good decision, it quickly became my favourite live Maiden recording. The atmosphere created on their previous album, Dance Of Death, was very mystic and absorbing, a real passionate album. The way Iron Maiden plays Wildest Dreams, Dance Of Death, Rainmaker, Paschendale, No More Lies and Journeyman (all from Dance Of Death) is amazing. Every one of those songs get ten times better when played live, even Rainmaker, which I used to skip on the studio album. Listening to the title song from Dance Of Death once again reminded me of Spinal Tap's cheesy "Stonehenge", the dwarfs dancing in the Spinal Tap movie would really enjoy Dance Of Death. That doesn't mean I don't like the Dance Of Death, It’s just that I couldn't think of anything else than those dwarfs dancing on the little riff in the middle of the song. You should also listen closely to Paschendale, which is, I’m my opinion the most impressive song performed on Death On The Road. For the other tracks, like I mentioned earlier, they sound quite like Rock In Rio, nothing new here, maybe a little heavier.

Death On The Road, really worth buying and if you haven't bought Dance Of Death already, buy this one instead! My rating, 88 out of 100.