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It's great if you try my EQ tip. - 80%

anticimex, March 21st, 2009

Iron Maiden has always remained a great live act, and they show it very well here. While it's not as good as they where in the eightees, it's really not far away. Other bands such as Judas Priest can't stand the test of time (okay... They are at least 10 years older... But Priest still kicked the shit out of Maiden in the early nineties) but Maiden is still great compared to the hobgoblin appearance of Halford... I think we will see in 10 years if Maiden still makes it.

This live album was recorded during the tour for the Dance Of Death album, which is quite flawed. Not a bad album really, just not Maiden standard such as Somewhere In Time or Seventh Son. Thankfully they play some of the best songs from Dance Of Death here, and those being Paschendale, the title track, No More Lies and Rainmaker. They play only one more from it and that is Journeyman, which is a very unique song for Iron Maiden, the closest thing they have ever done to Prodigal Son back in the Killers days. Okay they don't sound the same at all, but have some kind of same strange feeling to them. No Beatles wibes, tho.

Apart from the Dance Of Death songs we as usually get those classics that really begins to be burnt into the ears. Wrathchild, Hallowed Be Thy Name and Fear Of The Dark is great of course, but Can I Play With Madness is not even close. I can accept Run To The Hills, The Number Of The Beast and The Trooper even if I don't consider them even on the top 20 Iron Maiden songs. Far from! They could have easily have switched those songs to very similar songs that are much better like Flight Of Icarus, Killers or any other straight in the face rockers. Or maybe use all these minutes to play Loneliness Of The Long Distance Runner? That would be freaking awesome as Peter Griffin would say.

The biggest flaw with this album is the production. It sounds way too muddy and bassy. Steve Harris and Nickos bass drum gets too much in the front, and that never works well, when they use that much thundering bass. In the eightiess the sound technicians was a bit more careful with that. If you listen to Live At The Rainbow you must admit that it has a clearer sound. And it's from fucking 1981!!! That's almost 25 years before this! But there is a way to make Death On The Road sound great. If you have some EQ bands on your stereo player, just lower everything except raise the highest frequence to the max. The drums wont sound like they was recorded in a stupid school studio, and Steve Harris will not take over the place (I like when he is up in front, but that was in the eightees!!!), and also the guitars will sound a bit sharper and not as shitty as they otherwise do, did they try to recapture the sound of Dance Of Death? Fucking retarded, that album had the worst posible production you can imagine of a band of this caliber (St Anger takes the price tho). And most important, the bassy vocals of Bruce Dickinson gets better too. In the original mixing it's hard to here the "S" and "T", but my little EQ trick fixes this!

So, I give this an 80% rating. I cut 10% due to the shitty production, but if you follow my EQ tip, I ensure you this is totally awesome!