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Massacre, wow ! - 80%

morbert, March 2nd, 2010

I shan’t say much about ‘Can I Play With Madness’ except that I really love this song despite its radio-friendly rock-cheesiness. As I said earlier about many rock covers Maiden played in the eighties, they managed to make even sleazy rock sound great (a skill they obviously lost since then). The production has an important influence as well here, making the song sound more majestic than it actually was.

Anyway, onto the real highlight of this single, ‘Massacre’. A Thin Lizzy cover played to such perfection and beauty it’s almost creepy. In the hands of Maiden it turns into gold and the earlier mentioned broad production is the icing on the cake. It also is a cover which suits Maiden own songs remarkably well, style wise.

And then we have ‘Black Bart Blues’, which has a lot of spoken nonsense but the joke is funny only once and it feels like ages before the ‘real’ song finally kicks in. And the ‘real’ song isn’t even good. Enjoyable once, granted, but really nothing more than a lame bluesrock tune. A bit annoying since the first single from their previous album had a joke song as well, which was a lot better.

Really, ‘Massacre’ is reason enough to get your hands on this single. It is that good!