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What Little Purpose it had has Been Rendered Moot - 20%

InfinityX, August 14th, 2013

Note that I have the one CD edition, though as this is a compilation, I have heard all the songs here anyway. And as far as best ofs go, this one isn't or should I say WASn't bad for a casual fan to start (are there casual Maiden fans?). As the CD is out of print, and other better best ofs have since been released, a casual fan would typically not shell out extra cash for the out of print compilation.

Though if someone found it in a record store bargain bin as I did with a cheap price, it isn't a bad option. They must not have known the disc isn't very common, as on Amazon this record actually has a pretty high price. But anyway, tracklist wise we have a good selection of tracks promoting all the bands work up to that point, even live albums. Obviously most Maiden heads would have most if not all the albums represented anyway, thus hampering the value. The packaging is actually really cool, with a detailed booklet with lots of band photos and charts showing the releases, both promoting the band to the casual fan, and giving people already hooked to the band something nice as a bonus.

Annoyingly, as these things often have, there are a couple of rarities that completionists basically need this album to have. Either version comes with the non album single Virus. The acoustic intro is a bit overlong, but the synth laden section it EVENTUALLY escalates to is pretty cool. Honestly, under Bruce Dickinson's tenure this song would probably be fantastic, but Bayley just can't carry the simple acoustics with his voice.

The two disc version comes with two demo tracks. Haven't listened to them, but we all know there just there to tantalize fans. And frankly a band that has such great full lengths to begin with, even a casual fan should just grab a copy of Powerslave, Somewhere in Time, Piece of Mind, Number of the Beast, or Seventh Son. Or really all of them, or at least a few of them. This type of release should not be encouraged, and I take solace in the fact that I got this used, and cheap as fuck. Because I almost NEVER pull this thing out. So unless those couple exclusives are just too mouth watering to resist, or you fucking dig that cover art, just get the 80's records. Don't even bother with any of those new compilations man. This type of crap is just frustrating and greedy.

So decent packaging, decent song choice, and a couple of rarities save this from being COMPLETELY useless. Though it's damn close.
a 1 out of five.