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Incredibly Powerful! - 85%

NocturnalSummoning, January 2nd, 2011

There is nothing to say about Iron Maiden that hasn't been said yet. They're probably the best known metal band in the world. And their live concerts are always well reviewed. So, what went in their head (maybe I should say "in Steve's head") when they decided to release this "live compilation"? The songs in fact are recorded in different places during the Fear Of The Dark tour '92 and '93, even if it is mastered to seem a unique concert. The tracklist is a selection of songs taken from the first five albums of the band.

The performance is really energic through all the lenght of the album, maybe the sound isn't the best, but this is exactly how Maiden sounded live in '92-'93. Even if the vocals are not too clean and the bass sound should have been deeper, the drums are great and the guitars are loud enough.
We start with an excellent version of The Number Of The Beast, followed by The Trooper (incredibly loud and powerful), Prowler (maybe this one should have been played faster) and Transylvania. Then comes Remember Tomorrow, which features a very good vocal performance, and Where Eagles Dare, which is really faster than the studio version. Sanctuary is played in a slight different way than usual. Running free features a good partecipation by the audience, but the sound is a bit too weak. Run To The Hills, 2 Minutes To Midnight and Iron Maiden are pure energy, while the version of Hallowed Be Thy Name on this album is maybe one of the best ever.

There are some errors in the performance, but the energy is so much that they're nearly unimportant. Some of the solos are improvised, but they are all great. The crowd is really loud and the sound is a little dirty, but these elements give a stronger sense of autenticity to the recording, fortunately this live has not been heavily modified in the studio during the mastering process.

This is another great proof of Maiden's capabilities, and listening to it at the maximum volume is almost like being at a real concert. It can remind of No Sleep 'Til Hammersmith by Motorhead, both are releases of incredible energy despite the fact that the production and the sound aren't the best. Metal concerts magic!