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The sound kinda dead - 40%

Ancelot, April 13th, 2006

A Real Dead One is a record filled with highs and lows. Let’s take a look at the highs first:

The real gems on this album are Prowler, Transylvania and Where Eagles Dare. The first one is a song that I always loved, it’s very energetic and has a punk rock feel to it mixed with a Maiden sound that was still in development. Bruce’s take on the song (it was originally recorded on Iron Maiden’s debut when Paul Di’Anno was the singer) is amazing adding some technique to the song original rawness.
Transylvania is played to almost perfection and, at the time, it was great to see them bring out some stuff that they’d don’t normally play to their set. Where Eagles Dare was made to be played live, from its great drum intro (courtesy of Nicko McBrain), passing through the guitar leads, everything on this song is frantic. Hell, I can even let go the fact that Bruce screws up most of the lyrics.
Another great moment is Hallowed Be Thy Name. Despite the fact the this song is on every live record Iron Maiden did since it was first recorded, I think that this is version is one of the best being almost as good as the one on Live After Death.

Now, for the lows:

I’ll never understand how Janick Gers was capable of screwing up the intro to 2 Minutes To Midnight so bad. Well, he did it. And what strikes me the most is that it’s not even that hard to play that. Maybe he was having a bad day.
Now, for my main complain about this album.
How many fuckin’ records can you do with The Number Of The Beast on it?
That song is so overplayed that they seem bored while performing it and The Trooper suffers the same.
Overall, the performance of the band is lacking some feeling. This may have to do with the fact the Bruce was about to leave the band.

To be honest, the only reason why I have this record is simply because I got to have everything Maiden ever released. If you’re not like me Live After Death or Rock In Rio are better choices when it comes to Maiden’s live albums.