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A Tad Unoriginal, But Very Awesome - 77%

Edward_The_Great, April 10th, 2009

Iron Kobra is an obscure heavy/speed metal band that definitely needs more fans considering the high quality of their first demo. Containing five great songs, the demo gives a good example of what this group generally sounds like.

Being German, the band is obviously heavily influenced by the country’s early speed metal bands. The guitars tend to play similar to Running Wild and shred away with the respective band’s killer riff style and melodic soloing. The vocalist, on the other hand, reminded me a lot of Chris Boltendahl from Grave Digger, as he utilizes powerful falsetto screams mixed with gruff, heavy singing. Fans of those two bands should really give this a listen soon.

While a little derivative, Iron Kobra has impressed me greatly with their kick-ass songs, and I am ready for another release by the band. Hopefully, we can expect some more material from these guys soon.