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Pretty good effort, but... - 50%

Pratl1971, August 24th, 2010

Iron Kobra’s German brand of traditional metal is right in line with the current re-emergence of the old-school metal emanating from the likes of Sweden and Germany. With it’s the Cult of the Snake demo making the rounds Iron Kobra is, in all senses of the phrase, a throwback to what once was. Saxon hyped up on something might be a good description for the Iron Kobra sound, though the complete might of Saxon is a far cry at this point.

I must admit “Speedbiker” left much to be desired with its Saxon-like motorcycle revving in the beginning and somewhat uneven vocal delivery, but once the “Fists of Fury” kicked in it made me want to watch my Bruce Lee DVD’s in succession. There are five fine songs here that might do well with a bit more polishing. I will admit to the lyrical content being somewhat rudimentary and quite literally obligatory with songs about blasting off on rockets and racing motorcycles, but it’s at least decent enough to want to keep an eye on them for future projects. The vocal delivery is drenched in the German accented tone that makes Destruction and Sodom so much fun, but when vocalist Sir Serpent attempts the Schmier-like scream it falls somewhat short. Overall, these complaints are minor, if not important to note.

The band already has a new EP out called Iron Kobra Battlesword that is in the same vein as Cult, but one could certainly do much worse when seeking out a band of this genre.

Is it really NOT a Japanese band?! - 95%

Werewolf, December 19th, 2009

I usually mock with disrespect bands that write about Vikings while living in Brazil, “winter-worship” from bands from countries like the one where I live (where a temperature below 18 C degrees is rare) or war praising parasites who come from countries that haven’t taken part in any war for centuries and have no fuckin’ clue what it means at all. Here is an exception, since despite the fact that this German act sounds Japanese while singing about Ronin and Vikings, they do it amazingly well and I would never guess they’re German!

This 5 tracks demo kicks in with a very energetic Heavy/Speed anthem SPEEDBIKER and the amazingly cool Japanese accent of one of the vocalists rules! There is another vocalist here, who has more harsh and Thrashy voice and the combinations works well. The next couple of tracks continue the line of traditional Heavy/Speed Metal, inspired by classics like Iron Maiden and Speed stuff like Grave Digger. Pure no bullshit Metal with heart, soul and balls!

As the tape advances – it seems to get only better! Valhalla Rock is the Viking praising song here, which has a great heroic atmosphere, think Manowar+Metalucifer. The song RONIN is just a masterpiece! An anthem with vibe a la’ Maiden with a great feeling of anger and will to avenge! The Japanese sentence that is used in this song means “I hate you for what you have done to me!” and it’s what I can say about this band! I hate them for getting me addicted to this demo! Last but not least – a great, catchy THOR (Can) cover to close this demo. The tape is limited to 333 copies and the luckiest 33 maniacs also got a shirt and a pin with their logo!

A Tad Unoriginal, But Very Awesome - 77%

Edward_The_Great, April 10th, 2009

Iron Kobra is an obscure heavy/speed metal band that definitely needs more fans considering the high quality of their first demo. Containing five great songs, the demo gives a good example of what this group generally sounds like.

Being German, the band is obviously heavily influenced by the country’s early speed metal bands. The guitars tend to play similar to Running Wild and shred away with the respective band’s killer riff style and melodic soloing. The vocalist, on the other hand, reminded me a lot of Chris Boltendahl from Grave Digger, as he utilizes powerful falsetto screams mixed with gruff, heavy singing. Fans of those two bands should really give this a listen soon.

While a little derivative, Iron Kobra has impressed me greatly with their kick-ass songs, and I am ready for another release by the band. Hopefully, we can expect some more material from these guys soon.