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A different Iron Fire - 95%

stormruller, February 4th, 2012

Is this really Iron Fire? Is this the same sound we have been used to listen on their previous releases? For sure it isn't, here you can't find any songs in the rhymes of "Thunderspirit", "Lord Of The Labyrinth", "Wings Of Rage" and other songs from the band's past which are best described as soft songs, the band have also released in the past some songs in a darker side such as "The Beast From The Blackness", "Riding Through Hell" and some few other songs and here you have a full CD in their darkest side, of course you have some songs that are not so dark but even though are very strong.

The whole concept of this CD is what the title of this CD is all about, "Voyage Of The Damned", where you can find lyrics about voyages, space, galaxy, odyssey and other stuff.

After the short intro you'll listen to the brilliant "Enter Oblivion OJ-666" where you can listen a computer voice and then Martin Steene's great vocals, brilliant song to start this very dark release by Iron Fire. Other songs that deserves highlights are the speed and powerful "Taken", "Leviathan" which is the song they chose as their official videoclip, the epic kind of ballad "The Final Odyssey" which is a very different song where you can listen only Martin's vocals and some space sounds mixed with piano, the epic long "Voyage Of The Damned" featuring Nils K. Rue (Pagan's Mind vocalist), the amazing "With Different Eyes", "Dreams Of The Dead Moon" which has a very different and cool chorus, "Verge To Collide" and the final song "Realm Of Madness"

I'm a big fan of all previous releases by the band and I like a lot the band's softer side which most of their songs has it's amazing catchy chorus. We could see a little darker side of the band on "Metalmorphosis" released in 2010 which is my least favorite from the band as it has moved a little bit from their early style. With this release the band has become even more darker but I've found these songs more enjoyable than the band's previous release. This is not my favorite Iron Fire CD as you miss some of their past songs where the chorus grabs in your mind for some time even though I've enjoyed this CD pretty much and you can find some great choruses here too. If you didn't like Iron Fire in the past because of their "happy" songs and you like more dark songs, be sure to get this CD out.

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