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Godlike, but stay away from the ballad! - 90%

Arsenicum, July 1st, 2007

Years ago, I recieved some money for graduating from Highschool, and decided to splash it on a couple of metal albums. I actually bought the Iron Fire album, just because of the cheesy cover and because it was relatively cheap. But boy, was I surprised by the quality.

If you want something innovative stay away from this album, but if you just love good cliché metal, this is definately a must have. It all has been done before, but you can hear the fun the musicians had when making this record. The keyboards on this album don't have the overhand, but fill the often so empty space on speed metal albums. Every song has a chorus which you can sing along to after just hearing it once, and there are a lot of "whohooohoo" sing alongs. Sometimes the band surprises with a somewhat funky intermezzo, as can be heard on the song "Rise of the Rainbow" or some nice solo's, but most of the time, you can predict what is going to come. The lyrics are cheesy as hell, with the sentences ending on "sky" and "die" quite a lot.

Most interesting on this album is the voice of Steene, which you either hate or love . The sound of the record is in your face and straightforward. Only real complaint I have on this album, is the total miss-hit of the ballad Angel of Light. I don't see a reason for putting a ballad between the overall quality mid-tempo and fast tracks, as it totally ruins the moment, and as a "bonus" the ballad has one of the most awfully sounding western-sounding guitar parts. If Iron Fire would have opted to ditch this track, the overall score would have been at least 5 points higher, so all I can say is: skip the track.

Definate highlight of the album is the titlesong Thunderstorm with dynamic drums, a killer riff and a nice sing along chorus. Ofcourse I know that in this review, I pointed and hinted at the lack of originality quite a lot, but that's not what metal is truly about. We all love our cliché's when played right. Just don't pay too much attention to the lyrics, and enjoy this party-record par excellence.