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A Sweet Revenge For Iron Fire - 92%

Erin_Fox, March 31st, 2006

Over a decade of experience and positive changes in the group’s lineup has refined the sound of Iron Fire, with their latest Napalm record being the band’s most focused outing as of yet. Incorporating driving, chugging guitar rhythms and fleet-footed double kick beats, “IronHead” reflects the Denmark quintet’s affinity for creating German-style, power metal anthems, while during cuts such as “Metal Messiah,” Iron Fire displays a more traditional approach to their songwriting, giving “Revenge” a sense of balance that many bands can’t seem to accomplish. On the latter track, the vocals of Martin Steene (Force Of Evil) are allowed plenty of room to maneuver. The singer displays a noteworthy range and an impressive amount of vocal control, making this track a must-hear for fans of talented vocalization. Another remarkable highlight is the manner in which the group utilizes accents, with each member getting their turn in the spotlight via a vast array of timely accents, poignant lead breaks and adept turnarounds. “Savage Prophecy” resounds as being a standout cut, beginning as a power ballad and developing into a structurally proficient, dramatic rocker. Serving to reintroduce traditional concepts to metal audiences within the framework of power metal, “Revenge” is ultimately a very solid achievement in creating intensely melodic, dramatic heavy metal that’s undoubtedly worthy of major attention.