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Beyond Greatness - 100%

Akerthorpe, April 28th, 2019

Iron Fire “Beyond the Void” starts off with a haunting ancient type intro, then into one of the finest examples of face ripping, neck snapping classic/power/progressive metal songs I’ve heard this year. There’s a thrash element in there too which makes the beginning of this album reminiscent of influences such as Iced Earth, Realm, Sacred Steel, Evergrey, and Hammerfall. The riffs carry on heavily throughout this CD, and the bass is moved to the forefront as well. The way the 2 are mixed provides a solid foundation on which the bands message is flawlessly delivered. I have not heard such a solid sound from a band playing this type of metal in a long time. There have been some good bands along the way, but none have had that “complete” sound that Iron Fire does. It’s not just in the guitars. The drums are played flawlessly as well. The double bass in some songs is placed in just the right moments for maximum effect, while the snare is thick and the toms are deep and with a bombastic sound.

The vocalist is unique in that the melody is quite strong, but there is an element of grit added to his style that gives the finished product a push that goes beyond what similar bands are doing today. This band has certainly turned a few heads with this offering. I now have a new found respect and interest for this type of metal. Iron Fire have raised the bar as far as quality and integrity go and, once you hear this album, I am sure that you will agree. I urge everyone into the bands listed above to contact Crime Records or the band directly for information on how to get this masterpiece into your collection. This band is very deserving of everyone’s support and respect for creating such a fine example of what true and classic metal should sound like. Rest assured, you won’t be disappointed.