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Limb's finest. - 95%

Crimson_Guitarist, June 15th, 2004

While such great power/progressive metal acts as Rhapsody, Luca Turilli, Pagan's Mind, and just about every band on that label, Iron Ware stands on top.

The first thing that caught my attention was the drumming. These drums were far better than most power metal bands i've heard in the past. its a bit like Dragonforce slowed-down. The odd double bass beats and overall power of the drums really cut through on this album especially on tracks like Time machine.

Another main aspect of this album is the melodies. Some great ones comparible sometimes to Edguy. One of the best melodies on this album comes on the song 'Time Machine'.

The vocals are also very good. They are very unique. At sometimes it can even sound like James Hetfield. However, this is far better than James Hetfield, filled with power and range. Pasi Humppi really has a great power metal voice that is unlike most others.

That pretty much sums up this realease, which is a true power metal classic and Limb musics best release so far.