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Iperyt - Totalitarian Love Pulse

Cold, Ruthless, Murderer of Man - 98%

GodOfMalice, November 5th, 2018
Written based on this version: 2006, CD, Agonia Records

After listening to Iperyt for the first time, it took way too long for me to procure a physical album of theirs, and I only got this album after I recieved their second album. Initially, I thought this was the inferior album of the two (still amazing mind you), but as time went on and re-listened to both of the albums, I firmly believe Iperyt's first album is better than the second.

The first song I listened to on this album 'Calm Regained' perfectly encapsulates the overall theme and content of this album: Terror. The lyrical of this album feels far more mature than Iperyt's previous EP and is far more cold, apathetic, and hateful than one could hope in a mission to kill all of humanity in an album like this. The presentation in the booklet is also fantastic, with the lyrics and band members presented on propaganda-like newspaper pages, with various photos of war and hate.

Each song utilizes industrial aspects and almost techno like drums perfectly to create a cold, inhospitable atmosphere that feels suffocating at times. The wails and riffs of the guitars also add to this motif, and create melodies of hopeless melancholy for human scum, and the inevitable fate that this album wishes upon them. The bass is improved on this album and shines through the other instruments at times, but still feels underwhelming occasionally.

The samples used in this album match perfectly and don't stand out much, due to their imperfect sound quality and subject matter, such as the Pinhead quote from Hellraiser used in 'Calm Regained', claiming the ripping apart of one's soul.

This album is timeless, and is probably one of the best industrial death/black metal albums of all time, and deserves many listens to.

Pure industrial black brutality. - 95%

Bart, January 4th, 2008

"Totalitarian Love Pulse" by Polish band Iperyt is one hell of a furious and brutal album. It ain't surprising, because two members of Infernal War also
play in Iperyt. Basically what we are dealing with here is industrialized black metal with lashings of grindcore. Often compared to The Berzerker the sonic terror of Iperyt is much more interesting. The sheer intensity and nerve-shredding noise of this album is totally overwhelming and mind-blowing. The quote taken from their website aptly describes this atrocity: "Five people and the ultimate weapon ready to unleash aggression, destruction, depravity and all of crying children fears… And than throw them all into mighty fog of IPERYT!! A powerful mixture of furious black metal strongly established in its almost forgotten roots, a touch of death/grind attitude towards guitars and all thrown into the wall of noise from hell called extreme terror hardcore techno".
The mechanical sound of drum machine slays, the black metal vocals are aggresive as hell and there are even some short guitar solos among this vicious lava of extreme metal terror. Can't wait for the nwe album of Iperyt.

Favourite tracks: "Abuse You", "Calm Regained", "Totalitarian Love Pulse".