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Iperyt > Particular Hatred > Reviews > Satanic_Warmonger
Iperyt - Particular Hatred

Iperyt - Particular Hatred - 36%

Satanic_Warmonger, August 2nd, 2006

Listening to Iperyt, this is one of those bands that seemingly treads on new grounds with the kind of style they have. But like i said, seemingly, in all reality this is really just a Mysticum/Berzerker rip-off. A very bad Mysticum/Berzerker rip-off. Iperyt uses some very brutal riffs with this really fast Mysticum style techno kind of drum, while there is some shouting of some cheesey lyrics of pseudo NS kind of stuff. Thats all fine, its been done before. And thats the point, its been done before so this release is nothing special. There isnt any genius in it, if Iperyt is going to do this kind of music they have to put more originality into it rather than: heres some brutal riffs, some techno drums and a guy shouting and now and then some video sound clips. Mysticum does this kind of music right, and i hate to admit it but so does Berzerker. If you havent listened to Mysticum, you should instead of this. If you have listened to Mysticum, listening to this will only make you laugh at how uninspired and unoriginal Iperyt is. In case you feel the need to listen to Iperyt regardless of my warnings against bothering with this, there is the chance that you might enjoy the title track, its decent, but then again, how can you consider it decent when you probably wont sit through the entire track, i know i didnt.

Note: for a good laugh, watch Iperyt live, its funny to see a bunch of Skinheads going crazy over some techno/industrial music haha...