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Sonic hatred and unstopable genocide - 95%

GodOfMalice, November 5th, 2018
Written based on this version: 2005, CD, Agonia Records (Digipak)

Iperyt was the first true metal band I ever listened to (that I can remember), and got me into heavy metal way back 3 and a half years ago. I first heard the self-titled track back in 2015 after beating the indie game hatred, and I instantly was in love with the song, EP, and band. I wanted to buy a CD version of the EP but was sorely disappointed to see how rare the CD was and I wasn't able to acquire the CD until about 2 years later, and the wait was absolutely worth it.

With a length of less than 20 minutes, or more with the Angel of Death cover (which to me is much better than the original) It's a short and extremely entertaining album. Industrial black/death metal with good production is typically hard to find nowadays, yet this came out in 2005 and still holds up today. I've heard complaints about the drum machine, and typically I would agree if it were any other band and/or genre, however with industrial metal and Iperyt, it matches perfectly with genre and what sound the band is going for: inhuman and misanthropic speeds unachievable without "The machinery of war".

"People Hater" does a wonderful job on vocals, packing a cold punch with the power and personality in his screams and shouts. The guitar work is fierce and memorable, especially on the track 'The Black Emperor'. The only complaint I have is with the bass, and how drowned out it feels, however the other instrumentation vastly makes up for it.

Slight elements of ambient and atmospheric also sneak in to other tracks such as 'A.V.M.D.' and 'Experimentum Crucis' (both of which are the only tracks without available lyrics online) and they add the the slight diversity in the EP that keeps it being an entertaining listen. The lyrics are cheesy sure, but are so over the top it almost doesn't matter overall, and I happen to like them.

This album holds a special place in my heart, not only for introducing me to one of my favorite genres, Industrial black, but metal in general, and for that, I can't help but adore it and the hatred this EP spews.