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Cool. - 90%

GodOfMalice, November 7th, 2018
Written based on this version: 2007, Digital, Independent

Taken from a cancelled split, this single is long overdue for some recognition. Planned for 2007, this single wasn't released until about 2016/2017 on the band's bandcamp page, and makes me desire the split even more so now, or hell even just a compilation of lost, or rare material from the band.

With it being a single however, there's not much to comment on. The production for this very much so resembles the 2006 album 'Totalitarian Love Pulse' yet has more a "spooky, Halloween-y" atmosphere to it, with a heavy emphasis of samples taken from other media right in the middle. The lyrics are catchy and memorable with heavy references to, you guessed it, Baal and other demonic figures of hell, which are interesting.

For about a buck, it's totally worth it, especially if you like industrial black shit. It's a quick sample of what the band has to offer with their other full lengths, chocked with the totalitarian authority and satanism that Iperyt preaches, offering a satisfying 3 minutes of music. My only problem with this single however is the repetitive nature of the song, whereas the first half greatly outshines the second half, solely because it repeats the first verse of the song again, albeit with some minor changes.