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Masterpiece of heavy riffing - 98%

natrix, April 18th, 2004

Invocator creates a thrash masterpiece with the album, but beware, this is a different form of thrash than you're used to, and may be too "groovey" for some. Having said that, if you like Exhorder, Pantera, or Metallica, you'll probably find this album to be great. Indeed, it blows the shit out of anything that Pantera has ever done.
So what do we get? What makes this album such a great thing? Answer: nearly everything. When I say that, keep in mind that the vocals are pretty strange and take some getting used to (hence, I had to suptract a point). Other than that, I can't find a single weak moment on this album (except parts of "Condition Critical" which apart from having a good riff in the beginning, goes onto kind of a political/hardcore-ish thing, especially the chorus--another point lost).
Guitars are similar to the Metallica tone, but much more varied. I can't really describe what's going on here, because Invocator uses a varitety of shifting, semi-groovy riffs, but at times you'll also hear some Morbid Angel and Suffocation influences a few times. Also, in "Desert Sands," there's a weird little tremolo solo that reminds me of Pestilence. There's a lot of twisted riffing going on as well, with serpentine tones and a few squeals.
The drumming on here is really good, coming from Per M. Jensen (yeah, he's played with the Haunted and Nightrage). This man clearly knows how to use fills and the occasional strange beat very effectively. His playing is incredibly tight and powerful, which brings to mind Gar Samuelson (on Peace Sells...)and Dave Lombardo.
If you like Exhorder's Slaughter In The Vatican, but can deal with a more streamlined and less-rude version, this will be up your alley. It's a total about face from their first album, but Weave the Apocalypse is something that is totally different and a true testament to Invocator's mastery of heavy riffing.