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Most Of The Speed Is Gone, But Still Enjoyable - 82%

grain_silo, July 2nd, 2011

“Excursion Demise” is by far the fasted album ever recorded in my opinion. So how did Invocator follow up their thrashing debut? A solid kind of thrashy album called “Weave the Apocalypse”. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy this album, but I just have one question: what the hell happened?

This album is still one of my regular listens, but compared to “Excursion Demise” it doesn’t sound like the same band. A LOT of the speed is gone, the vocals aren’t even close, and it has a much heavier, thicker production.

As far as speed goes, some of the songs still deliver. “Desert Sands”, “Doomed to Be”, “Lost at Birth”, and “Breed of Sin” are probably the fastest songs on here. Even they have their mid-paced sections in them. Another quality this album possesses is what some people might refer to now as “core” elements. These are all not bad. Although the breakdown in “Doomed to Be” could easily be karate-moshed to, it's after it’s done the thrash comes back and destroys the rest of the song in a good way.

The production is a step-up from the debut. The guitars are much heavier, the drums aren’t as thin sounding, the bass is still kind of weak, and the vocals are just….odd. In “Excursion Demise”, he went for a death metal raspy kind of voice that sounded very unique to me. In this, he’s kind of just yelling. I still enjoy it but it took me a while to embrace it. The music definitely makes up for the vocals.

I would give it a much higher rating, but there are just too many fillers. The last 3 songs are completely forgettable and contribute nothing to the album.

If you liked “Excursion Demise”, you might like this. I say that with a lot of uncertainty because it took me a while to like it. I would still recommend it.

Best tracks: “Desert Sands”, “Doomed to Be”, “Lost at Birth”, and “Through the Nether to the Sun”.