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This is thrash and WWE is real - 36%

HangThePope, September 29th, 2006

I'll admit I did start drooling when I first heard samples of this because of the Exhorderish Guitar tone but having listened to it properly I realised. It's just another band who has fell into the trap of listening to Pantera and going starry eyed. A complete groove out after the Atheist tinted death thrash of "Excursion Demise" and like post Cowboys Pantera, half the time this bores you to tears, the other half makes you want to pull your hair out in irritation.

I'm actually doing an injustice to Pantera saying that because in places this gets so fucking annoying it actually makes me pine for Far Beyond Driven and The Great Southern Trendkill, It's that bad. The songwriting here is just nonexistent & most of the songs just go nowhere. They drift, they meander, they plod, they sometimes dart away but they never compel you to "bang your head against the stage like you never did before" with any decent riffs. They've kept small traces of Atheist influence in small 10 and 20 seconds patches on some of the songs with technical riff shifts and jazzy licks but there mainly just there to stop you nodding off and to try and prove they're "Technical".

The vocals are the most grating thing here tho. My god this guy annoys me so much, I can't listen to this anymore because I start plotting a horrible murder for payback. He actually sounded pretty decent on "Excursion Demise" with maniacal death vocals but here his style is so fucking monotone and braindead. He rants in a Phil Anselmo/Kyle Thomas style with no variation and I'm taking 25 points of the total score because of them.

The drumming is one of the few redeeming factors here as the guy basically does the best job he can, considering he's on a groove album, and it's well produced. He only ever catches fire and plays fast for about 2 to 3 minutes of the whole album. The guitar tone does impress as well, slightly with it's exhorder bulk to it but the distortion is watered down to groove monkey status.

Apart from the fact every track sounds pretty much the same I'd say the least worst and remotely interesting are "Desert Sands", "From My Skull It Rains" & "Breed of Sin". The fact the themes and overall mix is so weird and unknown, in a similar way to Demilich's "Nespithe" might intrigue some of you, but for me it's just another thing nipping away at my skin.

This band never had much ideas up their sleeve. More evidence is the way they completely ripped off Agent Steel's "It's Not What You Think" on the title track to their last album "Through The Flesh To The Soul". Your research of this band should begin and end with "Excursion Demise".